Management of repairs

Audit of power resources in a control system of risks
Audit of power resources — activity on carrying out of power inspection of the enterprises and the organizations of manufacturers or consumers of power resources to reduce energy intensity of economic activity, rising of reliability of functioning of power supplying system and maintenance of steady consumption of power resources.
Risk managements — system of organizational measures directed on revealing and an estimation of risks of the organization (enterprise), ), development of preventive and compensatory measures, monitoring of performance of preventive actions and an estimation of their efficiency.

Energy Audit as a realizable project risk management system.

«Assessing the level of technical reliability and efficiency of the federal system of electricity transmission and distribution»
(The program creating a database of information on the actual state of assets of power grid companies of Russia)

Creating and maintaining up to date database on the actual technical parameters of the equipment of transmission and distribution grids, power lines in the territory of the Russian Federation for increasing the sustainable supply of regions by the electric power and working out of plans of perspective development of a network of transmission lines.

Method of achieving the goals:
The main means of achieving its goals is creating a database on the status of equipment power grid by collecting and processing system (report forms), sent on a regular basis of the electric grid companies into a single storage center.

The data bank is used to analyze the overall risk situation and working out of plans for development of grid infrastructure.
Energy auditing techniques applicable to the electricity supply facilities, can identify bottlenecks in the topology of power grid facilities, affecting the reliability and continuity of electricity supply to consumers, as well as critical from the standpoint of reliability of networks and equipment.
Methods of energy audit provides the necessary numerical data on equipment reliability, the severity of the consequences as a result of failure, damage or destruction of equipment and cost required to restore equipment to power losses, due to the use of certain equipment.

Constructed map (roster) risks can identify the risks that must be managed and identify methods of control:

Control the frequency of implementation risks;
Managing the consequences of implementation risks.
Methods of energy audit can develop effective risk management practices in both cases.

Step of assess the effectiveness of risk management techniques.
After realization of the program of management by risks by power audit methods probably to estimate efficiency of the developed preventive actions, estimating change qualitative and quantity indicators both all infrastructure of a network economy, and separately taken objects or the equipment.